This week marked the unveiling of a statue of Senator Barry Goldwater in the National Statuary Hall in Washington D.C. The Goldwater statue joins a statue of Eusebio Kino to represent Arizona in Statuary Hall. Kino represents the days of the untamed Arizona frontier, as his explorations and cartography served to build roads and stockyards throughout Southern Arizona. Goldwater’s statue reB9nfUs_IcAAlFxLplaced a statue of John Campbell Greenway, a mining and railroad executive, which had been in the national hall since 1930.

Collaboration between the Arizona State Capitol Museum Guild and the State Society of Arizona raised the funds necessary to transport the Goldwater statue to Washington D.C. and bring the Greenway statue back to Arizona. Serving as the Vice President of the State Society of Arizona, Russell Smoldon, CEO of B3 Strategies, played a role in the realization of Goldwater’s installation in Statuary Hall. Russell celebrated the installation with the State Society of Arizona, Arizona’s congressional delegation, and fellow Arizonans who flew to Washington D.C. for the event on February 11th.

Senator Goldwater is often called “Mr. Arizona” and serves as a representation of the spirit and strength of the Grand Canyon State. An Arizona native, Goldwater’s family contributed to the growing economy of the new state, and he diligently served in World War II. Following the war, Goldwater viewed politics as a means to serve his home state and was elected Phoenix City Councilman in 1949. Goldwater was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1952, where he faithfully represented Arizona. After gaining popularity in the Republican Party, Goldwater received the GOP nomination for president in 1964. While he did not win the presidential election, Goldwater continued to serve as an Arizona Senator for 30 years.

Goldwater’s years of service will be recognized nationally with his place in Statuary Hall. The state of Arizona is represented by two men whose contributions and efforts physically and politically shaped the state. As we look towards celebrating Statehood Day on February 14th, we can also celebrate Senator Goldwater, both his new place in Washington D.C. and his continued legacy.

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