Scope of Services

Government Relations

B3 Strategies provides clients with government relations assistance on the local, state, and federal levels.

Local Government and State Agencies

  • Permitting Processes

    Coordinating communication between clients, utilities, and city and county officials, B3 Strategies navigates permitting processes on a local level, including building permits and upgrading existing utilities.
  • Rulemaking

    B3 Strategies works with the Arizona Commerce Authority, Department of Revenue, and other state and local departments to assist in the smooth enactment of passed legislation.
  • Chamber and Business Organization Coordination

    As a member of many local area chambers of commerce and business organizations, including but not limited to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Tax Research Association, Arizona Municipal Power Users Association and Arizona Highway Users Association, B3 Strategies connects clients with a variety of fellow business owners and leverages its vast network of industry community leaders to build awareness and support for client brands.

State and Federal Legislation

  • Proactive and Defensive Legislation

    Through awareness of federal and state bills and amendments that may affect clients, B3 Strategies protects and promotes clients’ interests by monitoring legislation, testifying in hearings, and organizing meetings with key lawmakers and staff. B3 Strategies presents clients’ perspectives so legislators act on bills with a full understanding of stakeholder needs.
  • The B3 Blueprint

    B3 Strategies regularly updates clients on bills relevant to their needs, as well as political news from Arizona’s Capitol and around the nation.

Relationship Management

B3 Strategies utilizes relationships built from decades of public policy experience on a variety of levels.
  • City and County Relationships

  • State Legislature Relationships

  • Congressional Relationships

Political Strategy

From the creation and management of Political Action Committees (PACs) to relationship building, B3 Strategies guides clients on how to utilize political resources.

  • Political Strategies

    B3 Strategies develops proactive political plans that allow clients to apply political resources and build issue awareness and political support.
  • Political Action Committee Creation and Management

    B3 Strategies can create a Political Action Committee (PAC) to build political capital and promote legislative understanding of a client's issues. We manage, report, and develop a strategy to help PAC contributions have the strongest political effect.

Crisis Communication

By educating key stakeholders, legislators, and constituents, B3 Strategies aims to increase visibility of your message and help clients maneuver through communications challenges.

  • Issue Campaign Management

    We promote grassroots knowledge of stakeholder issues and leverage our expertise to build innovative campaign management strategies.
  • Crisis Management

    B3 Strategies aims to maximize the clients' side of the story and helps mitigate the consequences of a crisis by developing crisis management plans that include a unique combination of government and public relations, issue education, constituent mobilization, and internal procedural planning to help prevent future crisis situations.