Government Relations

From coordinating permit processes to lobbying legislation on the state and federal levels, B3 Strategies provides expert coordination on government relations issues by utilizing relationship building and education techniques.

Begin Connecting

Political Strategy

Whether you are new to Arizona or a home grown company looking to increase your political footprint, B3 Strategies helps you shape a political strategy that utilizes what's best about you and your business to achieve your political needs.

Make Your Plan

Crisis Communcation

Utilizing a grassroots and grasstops approach, B3 Strategies immunizes stakeholders in crisis communication situations by educating key community audiences on you and your issues and helping your side of the story be heard.

Control Your Message

Building Public Policy Brick-By-Brick

Positioned as “The Public Policy Architects,” B3 Strategies provides clients with the development and implementation of public policy strategy at the local, state, and federal levels. B3 Strategies' Chief Executive Officer, Russell D. Smoldon, has over 30 years of public policy experience focused on energy, water, taxation, environmental, health care and economic development issues. The relationships he has with government officials, legislators and the business community in Arizona, across the country and at the federal level in Washington, D.C. are extensive. The vast government relations and public affairs experience Mr. Smoldon brings to B3 Strategies provides clients with the knowledge and tools needed to present, support and implement public policy that addresses the issues affecting their businesses.